​​Eminence Organic Skin Care

With Eminence Organics, as an authorized spa we not just  a place for pampering. We are  a destination to transform your psychological and physiological well-being, as well as a trusted source for our fresh, authentic products.

Advanced Facials

Turn back the time with our customized Eminence Organic facials and enjoy clear and more youthful skin .Our facials include AHA and Enzyme Peels, micro current and hi frequency treatments , Vit C and Collagen masks and of course Hot Stone neck and shoulder massage.

Victoria's Beauty Center

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Follow your nose to create the perfect scent using  essential oils.You'll  learn about ancient  art of mixing base ,middle and top notes to create magic and only "YOU" scent.Your "perfume" will have a significant positive influence on your mental ,physical and spiritual health.Our aromatherapy workshop we will point you to your own intuitive powers and help you access your own “vision”. We don’t want just “fix” your problem. We want you to see the best way to solve your problem and to make you happier. Essential oils help to balance the hormones ,bring more energy, calm and relax ,concentrate ,sleep and enjoy every aspect of life. At our workshop we will use our knowledge of the healing properties of essential oils to guide you toward a blend that is perfect for you.


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