Victoria's Beauty Center


 Combination of intuitive therapy with aromatherapy and Reiki can improve your life drastically. The most common aromatherapeutic uses of essential oils are massaging into the skin or inhalation of vapours. We customize essential oils for every client to achieve the best results. And ready to use oils in roll on bottle are the easiest and best way to enjoy them .Every client will get an advice and the combination of oils based on they needs and my vision of the solution. Every session can be expanded and include Reiki treatment 

​​Eminence Organic Facials and Skin Care

Turn back the time  with our customized facials and enjoy clear and more youthful skin . Enjoy  AHA and / or Enzyme Peel and Hot Stone neck and shoulders massage with every facial ! 

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Day Spa in Avon


Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial 

Deep tissue or Swedish Signature Massage 70 min Eminence Organic Lemongrass Lip balm  $209 (plus tax)



Enjoy a relaxing and healing therapeutic massage. When performed by a skilled licensed massage therapist, massage can reverse the negative effects of stress, repair damaged muscle tissues, and remove pain throughout your body.​