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We are humans . Life is not easy. We face stress, health problems, emotional discomfort , difficult situations at work and home... We need help to deal with our surroundings and ourselves! We need piece. And combination of intuitive therapy with aromatherapy and Reiki can improve your life drastically. The practice of using essential oils for the purpose of healing is called Aromatherapy.The most common aromatherapeutic uses of essential oils are massaging into the skin... or inhalation of vapours. Both methods allow the oil's plant chemical compounds to cross into the bloodstream . Many oils were studied and used for thousands of years to heal and bring piece and comfort in people lives. We know about myrrh and frankincense as the gift to Jesus but even ancient Egyptians new about the amazing properties of these and other oils. Not only certain oils can make a difference but the combination of them can give different results to different people. I believe in customizing essential oils for every person to achieve the best results. And ready to use oils in roll on bottle are the easiest and best way to enjoy them , to have them handy and to apply regularly . The private aromatherapy workshop wouldn’t bring the most healing effect without intuitive therapy.  I don’t just listen. I express my view based on my intuitive vision.  Every client will get an advice and the combination of oils based on they needs and my vision of the solution. Every session can be expanded and include Reiki treatment which will incorporate the unique formula of the oils client which client will take home. Session can be 1 hour without  Reiki or 1,5 to 2 hours with Reiki.